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Wer es schafft sich dort zu registrieren, bekommt den Job! And I tell you: strong random password generator does not help!


Google Maps

@GetTogetherComm Dear Friends, is there a reason for using Google Maps instead of OpenStreetMap?

@marcus Because it worked and I knew how to embed it. Also OpenStreetmaps has an API limit, IIRC, after which you have to host your own tile server.

@marcus @GetTogetherComm Not really. The only Google things I use are Youtube and (still) Android, but without Gapps. I find OSM somewhat prettier. I even use it for in-car navigation.



@einebienezwo kommt das bei dir an?
@marcus Moin :-) Ich habs zufällig in der Timeline gesehen, ne Benachrichtigung kam nicht

Hmm, strange. Den Friendica Entwicklern ist nichts bekannt. Möglicherweise ist es ein Problem auf Mastodon Seite.


First Post from Friendica

This is my first post from my new Friendica instance. I have set it up at home on an old atom box with 2GB of RAM, so please don't expect too much.

While migrating the followers from I have realized that our instance did not receive a large part of the posts from the !fediverse for a long while. I have not digged deeper into what's wrong yet, also because I want to focus more on Friendica now.

What I have have noticed as well is that I miss a lot of people since some mayor instances and are gone offline. Where are you now, dear friends? I hope you have already found a new place in the #fediverse and we can join up again.

Debian with Yunohost.

Yeah, GNU Social is really unreliable. Welcome here!

Still have to look around a bit and I have a lot of questions ;) Is there something like a support group or a Forum which I can join to ask?

Just subscribe to the contact and after this write a post to !, that's all.

@marcus There is a friendica Support-Forum account: @helpers

@marcus ... or the friendica admins forum: